Well, paintings mean that I am mostly working on oil-paintings and aquarelles. I began with oil-paintings when I was six years old. Oil-paintings are still my first choice because of the interaction of color with structure. And you can combine oil-paintings pretty good with other materials and use the structural effects. You will see this feature in some of my paintings. The correlation between color and structure is very important and can be hardly overseen in some of my oil-paintings. But enough words, take a look into my world of paintings....
Photography is another point in my live since I was six years old. I began with an automatic Kodak camera - you can't do anything wrong with such a camera. When I was 14 years old, I began with real photos.... Until then, it was just to take a snapshot. But then I got daddy's reflex camera in my fingers. Two years later, I got one of my own - a Pentax LX camera. This is in use until now. I am also very interested in digital photography - I don't like the chemistrial part in photography. But landscape-photography... macro-photography... To reduce things to their structure. You won't find people in my photography-galery, or very very seldom.
Sculptures   [26 pictures]
To sculpt a stone was always very fascinating for me. But it lasted until the year 2001 in may to work with stone. I made some experiences with pottery, some experimental too. But in the work with "real" stone is a lot more challenge. If you are making pottery, your own good or bad technique is the only limitation, but to sculpt a stone means, the stone itself gives you a limit - maybe that the stone breaks into pieces, or its own structures claim for another concept to be realized.